About the Summer in South Asia Fellowship
Thanks to a generous donation to the University of Michigan Center for South Asian Studies, undergraduate students have the opportunity to do an internship and conduct independent research on a topic of their choice in India over the summer months. This fellowship has sent more than a 100 University of Michigan undergraduates to India since its inception in 2006.

Are you interested in becoming a Summer in South Asia Fellow?
This fellowship is designed to be flexible: you research and choose an NGO or company in India to volunteer with, tell us what you want to study, design a program to accomplish your goals and we will fund the best and most unique proposals to cover all or most of your costs. While we strongly encourage students to volunteer with existing institutions, agencies or organizations, working independently may also be acceptable. If you are interested in applying for the Summer in South Asia fellowship, the Center for South Asian Studies can assist you in connecting with organizations based in India and refining your final project topic. Learn more about the application process.

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Program Testimonials

“I can definitely point to the SiSA experience as being the launch pad for my career, and am indebted to the program and the donor for what it has given me.”

“The six weeks I spent as a Summer in South Asia Fellow changed my worldview, personal story, and life”

“I learned more about humanity and education in my six weeks in India than I have in my entire career as a student. I came back a new person. I will be a better teacher because of India. I am already a better person.”

“My adventure in India, with the Summer in South Asia program, was an eye opener to how big the world really is. Not only did I learn a lot about the people of India and the culture, but I learned a ton about myself. The trip challenged me to navigate a new world. It helped me to become the person that I am today.”

“This program has offered me direction as well as a cause.”

“I would like to thank the Center for South Asian Studies for giving me the most enjoyable and influential experience in my life.”