Final Days in Bangalore

I can’t believe that I already leave India tomorrow. I remember first arriving in Bangalore and feeling so daunted and intimidated by this whole experience, and now that the end is arriving, it doesn’t even feel like a month and a half has passed. Somehow it feels like I’ve been here for so long since I’ve grown so accustomed to life here – drinking chai all day, eating new fruits, meeting new people in the most unexpected ways.

I’ve made some very close friends here, Sarah and Vrinda, and for that I am so lucky and grateful. I was even able to take a weekend trip with them to a town called Pondicherry after only hanging out once. We had such fun adventures there and I can’t imagine having that experience with any other pair of people and having as much fun as we did. If I hadn’t been vulnerable and talked to these two interns, my time here in India wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable as it has been –I have hung out with them everyday since that weekend trip and we have made so many memories.

I’m so happy that I was pushed out of my comfort zone so many times to the point where now so many things feel comfortable that wouldn’t have a mere 6 weeks ago. I went to Cubbon park here in Bangalore with a couple of interns, and we just walked up to this guy meditating by a tree and started talking to him because we couldn’t tell where he was from. We ended up talking for hours and he told us how grateful he was that we approached him – he had only been in Bangalore a couple days and had been feeling quite lost and lonely in the city so he came to meditate to soothe himself, and we aided that process. I was so happy we were able to bring him comfort and peace because I remember feeling exactly as he did when I first got here. Turns out he was German. We both have come a long way – and I hope I can bring my new sense of what is comfortable and adventurous back to Ann Arbor in a few weeks.