Final Thoughts

I returned from India a little over a month ago and in the time I have been back, I have been able to reflect on my time there. Living in India and working was an experience like no other that I have had in my life. I found a new freedom while there and a new sense of confidence in myself and my ability to navigate the world. When I think back to what my trip involved, from traveling alone, to establishing myself in a place that was completely unfamiliar, and navigating through new and confusing experiences, I am in awe that I was able to do it all. Before leaving for India, I was someone who lacked confidence and rarely put myself into situations where I felt vulnerable. In India, I was forced to take responsibility for myself and without the pressures I was used to experiencing back home, I was able to grow in new ways. Looking back, the thing that I miss most are the people that I met in India and being apart of a simple daily life that was both fulfilling and invigorating. I learned so much about social equality and the work necessary to make change. I feel a new passion about going into this type of work after I finish school. I think I will learn more about what exactly India meant to me as I get back in the groove of school. The time I have been back has mostly involved readjusting and reorganizing the things that I left unfinished before I left, and I haven’t been living the norm of what I am used to. However, I do know that this summer was one of the best summers of my life, I am so excited to take the skills and perspective my time in India gave me to find new places and learn about other cultures and people.